Writing (hi)stories!

The new piece of GRINS association (www.grinsverein.de/en) is about stories. Stories that we have expierenced or those which have been told to us – family tales or fairy tales. We have a QUESTIONNAIRE (below) for you! Send the answers to mail@grinsverein.de

If you would like to play in the piece – please don’t hesitate to write us aswell! The dates are as follows:
Rehearsal: 11,12 July | 8,9 15,16 22,23 29,30 August | 5,6 12,13 19,20 September
Presentation: 21 to 24 September

HERE IS THE QUESTIONNAIRE (because it is a research for our new piece, please be conscious that we want to use the results for the play (anonymous). Write only (mail@grinsverein.de), if you are ready to share the story.

  • What is the first story you have ever been told?
  • What is your favourite family tale or from an acquaintance?
  • Did you ever write a story yourself? What was it about?
  • Imagine we would all be living in a story – describe it with three words.
  • Who are the heros*heroines of that story, if there are any?
  • Tell us how this story ends.


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