about GRINS e.V.

Kurzbericht von Ralf-Herbert Mayer, der loewe


The purpose of the GRINS society is the encouragement of art and culture, cultural education, art and theater pedagogy projects especially by the activity of different cultural and target groups. (taken from the society statute)

At the moment is the main aim the theater work with refugees which are living at the LAB Braunschweig. People of different culture backgrounds and life stories get there together. The collective theater work helps to decrease fears and prejudges and small presentations are created. They are presented at the Deutsch-Brasilianischen Gemeinde, or at the Theaterpädagogischen Zentrum (TPZ).

Additionally organises GRINS theater, concerts and festival visits at their cooperations partners (LOT und Staatstheater). The residents of the LAB are picked up by us and getting guided.

The society is a stage for exchange and realization of artistic, cultural and educational projects. Further is a realization of regional and supra regional ideas aspired and an international understanding should be promoted.