Current Projects


Every wednesday a group from LAB is meeting at DRK KaufBar to play theatre together. 2pm is meeting time. We start with basic exercises, sometimes do some handcrafts or create short scenes. No theatre skills required. For free and open for everybody.






LETTERS is the newest project of GRINS e.V. which was staged in the LOT Theatre in novembre 2017.  Content of the piece is a young man, who starts a new life in another country. The piece is about his dreams, fears and finally about the letters, which change the course of his life.





The regular workshops have a general offering. Currently these offers are: theater, drawing, creative writing, and soon dance. The results are presented at different Locations around Braunschweig. Current events will be announced at this website.

You would like to present something in the context of GRINS e.V.? Send us a mail:

We are looking forward to it!


Recent Projects


bericht 2016 06 klein

“Balad” (arabic: country) was the follow-up piece of “FIVETEEN – Things you should know about myself” and was staged 9th of Decembre in LOT Theatre Braunschweig for the first time. While “FIVETEEN” was about getting to know each other, meeting up and seeing what happens between the individuals, Balad was a research. We design, build, wreck and create try outs: How do we want to be who, where and when. In a world we designed ourselves.